Reputation Institute Announces 2016 Research Agenda

As the end of winter approaches, we reach one of the most exciting times at Reputation Institute. Our survey teams have completed their work, returning to our research group a literal mountain of data gathered from more than 500,000 ratings in 20 different countries.

Now we get to the analysis of all the information – to find out exactly how the general public feels about many thousands of companies based on the seven dimensions that make up the RepTrak® framework. For chief communications officers, this is the richest source of data available to compare your results to those of your key competitors to see where you stand in the market. With this insight, companies can protect their reputations, analyze risks and drive competitive advantage.

For some larger companies, we already have more recent data, pulled from our National Trackers. We rolled out this service last year to 20 markets to provide continuous measurement and reputation benchmarking. But the annual studies give insights into thousands of companies in dozens of industries at one point in time every year, always in the first quarter.

I’m pleased to share our research calendar for the next three months below. With RepTrak®, we’re covering a host of markets. (Our research and communications teams are going to be very busy!) As in years past, once we complete the market-by-market reports, our research team will do deep dives into individual industries.

We’ll also be kicking things off with the Reputation Leaders Study. Unlike many of our other reports, which measure the attitudes of consumers, this study gathers insight from 150 senior reputation and corporate communications executives across 20 countries. This study of – and for – your peers encapsulates the risks and opportunities with which they are currently grappling.

A special focus of this year’s report will be a discussion of the link between reputation and corporate purpose, and how to really make reputation management work.

The best way to keep tabs on everything that’s coming is to bookmark our events page or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We’re looking forward to another great year and hope you’ll take that journey with us.


• Reputation Leaders Study
• China RepTrak® 100
• Global RepTrak® 100
• US RepTrak® 100


• UK RepTrak® 150
• Canada RepTrak® 50
• Italy RepTrak® 50
• Switzerland RepTrak® 50
• Spain RepTrak® 50


• Mexico RepTrak® 50
• France RepTrak® 150