2016 China RepTrak® 100 Shows Who You Are Matters More Than What You Sell

For companies of all shapes and sizes, in all corners of the globe, one of the big takeaways from Reputation Institute’s 2016 China RepTrak® 100 is that who you are as a company matters more than what products you sell.

What is unique about the RepTrak® Pulse score is that it captures both the emotional nature of corporate reputation and the rational drivers behind the emotions. To generate a strong emotional bond with stakeholders, a company needs to earn a good reputation across seven dimensions: products and services, innovation, workplace, governance, citizenship, leadership and performance.

While the quality of a company’s products and services is an important driver of corporate reputation, its relative weight has been decreasing over time, both within China and around the world. The latest data in the China RepTrak®100 shows that products and services account for less than 17 percent of a company’s overall reputation there.

Perhaps the biggest difference in relative importance of each dimension comes from leadership. In our Global and US studies, leadership — while important — is relatively less important than all other dimensions. In China, by contrast, leadership is one of the three most important dimensions.

To illustrate the power of leadership in determining a company’s overall reputation in China, consider another striking pattern: Out of the top 50 scores in leadership, only two companies are Chinese. Perhaps unsurprisingly, those two companies are ones that do most of their business internationally and have “imported” over the years management models and personnel.

Building an excellent reputation among the Chinese general public, and indeed around the world, necessitates excelling in all dimensions. As the full report shows, each dimension counts for at least 13 percent of a company’s overall reputation, highlighting the need for integrated reputational platforms that operate across all areas and stakeholders.

The full 2016 China RepTrak® 100 is available online at http://www.reputationinstitute.com/china-reptrak-research.

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