The Value of Strong Country Reputation in 2017

We recently released the 2017 Country RepTrak®, the study of the most reputable countries in the world. Canada, Switzerland and Sweden claimed the top 3 spots and all three countries have ranked in the top 5 of the study 2017-country-top3consistently over the last 6 years. This blog will explore what happened further down the list of top countries and the powerful political and economic factors influencing this year’s results.

What is the Country RepTrak® – and why does it matter?

The Country RepTrak® study is conducted annually by surveying over 39,000 consumers from G8 countries. The 55 countries included in the study are the largest economies in the world by GDP. Countries are evaluated in the areas of advanced economy, effective government and appealing environment. And as to why it matters, our data shows that country reputation has a direct impact on its economy. More specifically, an increase in a country’s RepTrak® Pulse score by 1 point in a market segment results in an average increase in 2.7% in the arrival of tourists from that market and an average growth of 1.7% in exports to that market.

US, UK and Russia Take Hits to Their Reputations in 2017

After President Trump took office, the reputation of the United States dropped by 8.1% or 11 positions in the ranking. The aspects where the United States saw the greatest declines were effective government, social welfare, ethical country with high transparency, and responsible participant in the global community. The US scores particularly decreased across the board from respondents in Mexico, with Trump’s antagonistic message towards the neighboring country hitting home. Interestingly, there was an increased feeling of empathy within the US population towards Mexico.

Russia experienced the second highest drop in rankings related its growing role in global policy, which has generated suspicions among international observers. The biggest decrease in ratings were in the areas of ethical country with high transparency and responsible participant in global community.

The reputation of the United Kingdom fell by 3.8% or lost 5 positions in the ranking as a result of Brexit, but interesting to note, the internal reputation of the UK – how the country views itself – is at a record high. Brazil has the opposite situation – the exit from negative headlines related to the Olympics and World Cup has allowed the country’s reputation among the international community to recover but its internal reputation and its reputation within Latin America remains low.

Increased Economic Stability Aided Greece, Spain and Portugal

Greece experienced the highest improvement in reputation with an increase in Pulse score of 14.3% and a shift upwards of 7 positions. This is due to the reduced critical headlines in the international economic press.

Spain and Portugal continue to improve their reputations as their economies gradually recover. Spain’s Pulse score improved by 5.2% and climbed 4 positions in the rankings and Portugal’s Pulse score increased 3.1% and climbed 2 positions in the ranking.

2017 Most Reputable Countries – Rankings & Scores


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