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What it Takes to be a Top 10 Most Reputable Company Worldwide in 2018

2018 marks an impactful year for reputation. In many ways, this year represents a strategic inflection point with an overall decline in reputation for the first time since the end of the Great Recession. With fake news, cybersecurity, corporate tax reforms, and gender equality grabbing the headlines, the measurement and management of reputation — its […]
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What is the Reputational Impact of Olympic Sponsorship?

Olympic Games, like the most recent in PyeongChang, South Korea, present a unique opportunity for corporations to reach millions of fans with the end game of strengthening their brand and boosting sales through targeted messaging about their products and services. Companies sponsoring the Olympics are increasingly investing in presenting the right message, particularly focusing on […]
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Tesla, Musk, and How to Skyrocket Your Reputation

In the stardust-covered wake of the Tesla Roadster, propelled into space by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, prevails an innovative triumph, a public relations boom, hints of environmental controversy, and a recently downtrodden stock. In other words, people have opinions, and perhaps even more questions. Does this incredible stunt boost Tesla’s reputation, and if so, how? And, […]
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How to Measure the Success of Your Corporate Communication Department

The corporate communication department represents the shoulders upon which the CEO – and the reputation of a company – stands or falls. The potential impact of this department and the executives who carry out a company’s reputation initiatives (brand, culture, and public persona) cannot be denied in 2018’s dynamic market landscape. Beholden to rapidly changing […]
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CSR Delivers Super Bowl Ad Touchdown

2018 might just go down as the year of the CSR Super Bowl — and be lightening rod for a whole new era of paid-for-media driven corporate social responsibility messages.

Top 10 Reputation Macro-Trends Every CEO Should Know

When it comes to macro-trends that impact reputation, 2017 has been quite the year. As the global economy becomes increasingly impacted by the intangibles that continue to shape and define the reputation of companies – we look through the rearview mirror of 2017, while keeping a mindful eye on where the world is going in […]
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Business Impact of Catalan Independence Measured

With so many eyes on Spain and the Catalan independence movement, the business world in Spain is already feeling the impact of the political climate. Spaniards inside and outside Catalonia are using their purchasing power to express their political stance and companies are making tough choices, like whether to maintain headquarters in Catalonia. Reputation Institute’s […]
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What can corporate communicators learn from the Louvre?

Reputation Institute co-founder Cees van Riel recently explored the interesting world of museum reputations. In a first of its kind study, he examined the reputations of 18 museums across 4 continents and the results of the study were abundantly clear: people love museums. Cees explains: “Museums are highly appreciated for their contribution to society. They […]
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Expert Takeaways Post PRSA International Conference

“The Spirit of the Revolution” was an apt theme for PRSA’s 2017 International Conference held in early October in Boston. It captures some of the current political and social disruption we are experiencing across our national cultural landscape. And it is this idea of dynamic change that came to mind as I reflected on some […]
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Equifax’s Reputation Falls 14 Points to “Sub-Prime” Level

As a follow-up to a blog that was posted a few days ago, we decided to go back into the field to measure Equifax’s reputation among the US general public. In the wake of the data breach and subsequent events, what we have found is that Equifax’s reputation has plummeted. In February 2017, Equifax’s reputation […]
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