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Technology and the (new) Cool Factor: Cool is no longer just about products

The Technology industry is highly competitive, with firms fighting for market share, workers and investor mind share. It is a sector that is led by companies that are early adopters of both technology and business practices, leading to the perception of the tech industry as being cutting edge with a ‘cool factor’. The technology sector has […]
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2016 U.S. RepTrak® 100 Demonstrates That A Strong Brand, Social Values Determine Public Perception

If there’s one big takeaway from our annual corporate reputation study in the United States, it’s that corporate reputation matters more than ever – and perhaps even more so than elsewhere in the world – given that so many of the companies at the top of our list have an “excellent” rating. The U.S. RepTrak® […]
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About Volkswagen, Reputation, and Social Responsibility

By Dr. Charles Fombrun, Chairman, Reputation Institute The ongoing crisis at Volkswagen demonstrates the huge economic costs that companies face from failing to anticipate the material and reputational consequences of their actions. Some heads have already rolled, and others will surely follow as the embattled company sets out to address the deep concerns of the […]
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