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The Value of Strong Country Reputation in 2017

We recently released the 2017 Country RepTrak®, the study of the most reputable countries in the world. Canada, Switzerland and Sweden claimed the top 3 spots and all three countries have ranked in the top 5 of the study consistently over the last 6 years. This blog will explore what happened further down the list […]
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Insights from Country RepTrak® 2016

2015 was a tumultuous year for countries and it appears that all the negative events that happened last year – whether accidents, corruption or acts of terrorism – have had its mark on the way people perceive countries. Our 2016 Country RepTrak® study shows that there is a general decline in trust in countries. This […]
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The Olympics May Be Bad For Your Civic Health

Whenever the bidding process to serve as a host for the Olympics begins, cities around the globe are quick to throw their hats into the ring, eager to take advantage of the acclaim and status that comes with hosting the quadrennial games. It’s easy to understand why most cities see the Olympics as a quick […]
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