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Reputation Fallout of L.L. Bean’s Break with Tradition

L.L. Bean: a “family business” under pressure   After marrying into an 8th generation Maine family seven years ago, I soon came to understand how dear L.L. Bean was to them – and the Pine Tree State’s residents at large. Multiple family members – including my wife – worked for the company, pilgrimages to the […]
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Taking a Stand: Guns, Tobacco, and Minimum Wage

In the weeks following the tragic deaths of 17 students and staff members at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, there were no formal governmental legislation updates on gun control. Corporations, however, continue to step up by playing a larger societal role. Gun control, like equal pay, immigration, security breaches, and sexual […]
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Tesla, Musk, and How to Skyrocket Your Reputation

In the stardust-covered wake of the Tesla Roadster, propelled into space by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, prevails an innovative triumph, a public relations boom, hints of environmental controversy, and a recently downtrodden stock. In other words, people have opinions, and perhaps even more questions. Does this incredible stunt boost Tesla’s reputation, and if so, how? And, […]
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CSR Delivers Super Bowl Ad Touchdown

2018 might just go down as the year of the CSR Super Bowl — and be lightening rod for a whole new era of paid-for-media driven corporate social responsibility messages.

BlackRock Doubles Down on CSR

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s recent annual letter to CEOs holds a mirror up to leading companies around the world and challenges them to take a serious look at their purpose as organizations. From corporate governance to local community investment, Fink emphasized the importance of CSR programs that make a real impact on both financial and […]
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CSR Alignment and Your Reputation

Your reputation is the reflection of your brand’s promise in the perceptions of stakeholders. Anyone who’s even vaguely keeping tabs on corporate communications knows that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly a key ingredient to reaching stakeholders. For companies like Tom’s and Warby Parker, it’s at the very core of their business model. And as […]
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Leveraging Social Responsibility in an Era of Global Change

Whether advocating for free trade or worker’s rights, more than ever companies have a unique opportunity to engage internal and external stakeholders and demonstrate their commitment to programs and products that benefit society. Some of this may be a reaction to recent political winds and “actions,” but to be impactful in the long run, initiatives […]
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2016 U.S. RepTrak® 100 Demonstrates That A Strong Brand, Social Values Determine Public Perception

If there’s one big takeaway from our annual corporate reputation study in the United States, it’s that corporate reputation matters more than ever – and perhaps even more so than elsewhere in the world – given that so many of the companies at the top of our list have an “excellent” rating. The U.S. RepTrak® […]
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