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The Role of Strong Leadership in Driving Stakeholder Support

Recent news items surrounding the CEO of Uber and the President of Samsung are just a few examples of how an organization’s leadership plays a large role in corporate reputation. We sometimes refer to the Leadership dimension of our RepTrak® model as the ‘driver of drivers,’ mainly because an organization’s leader represents the values of […]
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For Sanders and Clinton, It’s Likeability vs. Leadership — and Leadership Wins

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders came up short in a bid to upset his Democratic rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in New York’s presidential primary Tuesday, and new data about why voters support certain candidates gives us a glimpse why. For Democratic candidates, it comes down to likeability versus leadership. Reputation Institute’s Presidential RepTrak® […]
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Reputation Leaders Study Finds Companies with Strong Reputations Have a Foundation of Measurement in Place

Companies with strong and excellent reputations more often have a foundation of measurement in place and are able to focus their efforts on cross-stakeholder communication, corporate social responsibility and managing reputation risks, according to new research released this week by Reputation Institute (RI). The annual Reputation Leaders Study (RLS), in which RI surveyed more than […]
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