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The Reputation of Pharma Is Improving, But Will Pharmaceutical Companies Embrace the Invitation to Connect with the General Public?

By Kasper Ulf Nielsen, Executive Partner, Reputation Institute The reputation of pharmaceutical companies with the general public is average, but improving. This might come as a surprise to many industry insiders but the reality is that people actually trust, admire, and respect the individual companies in the pharmaceutical industry and want to know more about […]
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For Sanders and Clinton, It’s Likeability vs. Leadership — and Leadership Wins

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders came up short in a bid to upset his Democratic rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in New York’s presidential primary Tuesday, and new data about why voters support certain candidates gives us a glimpse why. For Democratic candidates, it comes down to likeability versus leadership. Reputation Institute’s Presidential RepTrak® […]
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2016 U.S. RepTrak® 100 Demonstrates That A Strong Brand, Social Values Determine Public Perception

If there’s one big takeaway from our annual corporate reputation study in the United States, it’s that corporate reputation matters more than ever – and perhaps even more so than elsewhere in the world – given that so many of the companies at the top of our list have an “excellent” rating. The U.S. RepTrak® […]
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2016 China RepTrak® 100 Shows Who You Are Matters More Than What You Sell

For companies of all shapes and sizes, in all corners of the globe, one of the big takeaways from Reputation Institute’s 2016 China RepTrak® 100 is that who you are as a company matters more than what products you sell. What is unique about the RepTrak® Pulse score is that it captures both the emotional […]
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Reputation Leaders Study Finds Companies with Strong Reputations Have a Foundation of Measurement in Place

Companies with strong and excellent reputations more often have a foundation of measurement in place and are able to focus their efforts on cross-stakeholder communication, corporate social responsibility and managing reputation risks, according to new research released this week by Reputation Institute (RI). The annual Reputation Leaders Study (RLS), in which RI surveyed more than […]
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The Olympics May Be Bad For Your Civic Health

Whenever the bidding process to serve as a host for the Olympics begins, cities around the globe are quick to throw their hats into the ring, eager to take advantage of the acclaim and status that comes with hosting the quadrennial games. It’s easy to understand why most cities see the Olympics as a quick […]
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Reputation Institute Announces 2016 Research Agenda

As the end of winter approaches, we reach one of the most exciting times at Reputation Institute. Our survey teams have completed their work, returning to our research group a literal mountain of data gathered from more than 500,000 ratings in 20 different countries. Now we get to the analysis of all the information – to find […]
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McDonald’s Reputation Hit a New Low, But Will It Turn Around?

McDonald’s reputation is weaker than ever this year, taking a nosedive from an average reputation last year. With an 8-point drop in reputation year over year, McDonald’s had the largest decline in reputation of any U.S. restaurant chain…

The World’s Most Reputable Cities Explained

By Fernando Prado, Managing Partner, Reputation Institute Just as people have reputations, cities and countries have reputations, too, and they have a direct impact on economic indicators such as tourist arrivals, exports, and investment. That’s to say that ranking the world’s most reputable cities isn’t about holding a popularity contest. Rather, it’s a reflection of […]
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About Volkswagen, Reputation, and Social Responsibility

By Dr. Charles Fombrun, Chairman, Reputation Institute The ongoing crisis at Volkswagen demonstrates the huge economic costs that companies face from failing to anticipate the material and reputational consequences of their actions. Some heads have already rolled, and others will surely follow as the embattled company sets out to address the deep concerns of the […]
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